e-Sword version 13.0

New Audio Bibles feature! Listen to the Bible being read to you in dramatic fashion. Play/Pause button is on the Bible view's toolbar. Audio is available for KJV, KJV-BRG, ESV, CEV, WEB, NRSV and Spanish PDT Bibles.
All audio Bibles are generously provided by Bible.is, a ministry of Faith Comes By Hearing.

e-Sword version 12.2

New Dim Light greenish background color which may ease eye strain for some people.
Bible Search improved to locate words that include accents on the first or last character.
User-made Bible modules can now include footnotes in the text and database.

e-Sword version 12.1

Downloader updated to accomodate the AMG Publishers titles now being sold through eStudySource.

e-Sword version 12.0

New Low Light display setting to make viewing the text easier on your eyes.
New App Themes to further customize the e-Sword interface to your liking.
Hundreds of refinements throughout the app, including a rebuilt STEP Reader, improved Resource Options dialog and bulk printing/copying of Journal Notes in date ranges.

e-Sword version 11.2

This build includes the latest versions of third-party components used within e-Sword.
Many little enhancements and bug fixes.

e-Sword version 11.1

This build includes the latest versions of third-party components used within e-Sword.
Many little enhancements and bug fixes.

e-Sword version 11.0

E-Sword modules are now HTML-based! This change will allow many new and unique resources to be created for e-Sword. Don't worry, e-Sword will still work with the older RTF-based modules as well. Most of the resources have been updated to this new format, so you may want to download the updated versions of these modules, especially the non-English Bibles as they now contain the actual Unicode characters which makes for better search results. The new module format has also introduced a new Lexicon module type.
There is a new Pericope feature which places section headings throughout the Bible. This feature can be turned on/off by selecting "Options, Display Pericope" from the e-Sword menu.
The Copy Verses feature has been expanded with an option to include the Lexicon definition for Strong's numbers in any Bible with them.
There is a new Morphology popup tooltip for any Bibles that include these grammatical parts of speech codes.
The new Reference Book modules now adapt to the user-defined font settings as the other module types do.

e-Sword version 10.4

New Find on Page button located next to the Search button on each view's toolbar. This Find feature makes locating content easier on large articles, such as those in many commentaries, dictionaries and reference books.
New User Files Location field in the Resources dialog (under the Options menu) for customizing where you wish for your user files to be located. This is very convenient for setting up with backup or synchronizing programs, such as Dropbox. Initially these files will still default to your "My Documents\e-Sword\" directory, but now you can easily change that!
Fixed Editor issue where it could possibly give a formatting error and not save the changes.

e-Sword version 10.3

This build includes the latest versions of many components used within e-Sword. One major enhancement is the Editors now support right-to-left languages such as Hebrew.
Many little enhancements and bug fixes.

e-Sword version 10.2

Scripture references in the Bible view having associated Study Notes will now display a wavy underline to denote such.
The Reference Library now has automatic Bookmarks for every article. The Graphics Viewer also has automatic Bookmarks for each module.
Most Commentary modules do not contain specific Chapter Notes, so for those that do not the Chapter Notes mode will now display all of the Verse Notes for that chapter. This is very convenient for viewing those commentaries that have very few or very brief notes.
The built-in Downloader now allows direct downloading of Premium modules without needing to run separate EXE files. A new Info... link displays additional information about the given module.
The VerseList feature will now accept numerous Scripture references at once for populating the list. For example, entering the following list is now valid:

A new Editor hotkey Ctrl+Shift+J will convert a Scripture reference into the actual Bible text using the currently selected Bible and formatting defined in the Copy Verses dialog.

e-Sword version 10.1

The Commentary, Dictionary, and Devotion views can now display pictures, so modules can now be created with pictures in them.
Better support for Extended ASCII characters throughout the many features of e-Sword.

e-Sword version 10.0

The Journal Notes, Study Notes and Topic Notes editors have been completely redesigned! You can now insert pictures, create tables, format with columns, have headers and footers, even work in print layout! There are dozens of new and improved features in the editors for you to enjoy working with.
A new Reference Library feature is now built into the program. With it you can view all Topic Notes and the new Reference Books modules downloaded from the e-Sword web site, as well as those created by others. No longer are these mixed in the Topic Notes editor with your own personal notes.
A new SermonAudio.com feature is now built into the program. Working with the folks at SermonAudio.com, we have provided an easy way for you to listen to nearly a half million sermons on any passage of the Bible!
The Resources feature has been updated to allow the management of Topic Notes and Reference Books.

e-Sword version 9.9

All of the Search dialogs have been completely redesigned! The layout, functionality, and results are greatly enhanced, providing even more information for study.
The new hotkey Ctrl+Shift+S will open the Extended Bible Search dialog.
The Parallel Bible will now support up to 8 translations for comparison.
Single-row tabs are now easily set in the Resource Options dialog.
The Graphics Viewer was adjusted to work under CrossOver in MAC and LINUX installations.
Partial implementation of Arabic, Chinese, Greek, and Japanese user interface localization. e-Sword now has 27 languages supported in the GUI!

e-Sword version 9.8

A new Module Downloader is now built into the program. With it you can view all available . You can see which ones you currently have installed and which ones you have yet to install. You can also see if any of the installed modules have been updated.
All of the Search routines have been enhanced, providing even more information for study.

e-Sword version 9.7

The editors have been broken out into their own view and are no longer located in the Commentary view. Also, a new Journal Notes editor has been added to the Editor view to join the Study Notes and Topic Notes!
You can now Search the Bibles and other modules using Regular Expressions (REGEX). While a bit complicated for typical use, this functionality adds powerful searching capabilities when that might be needed.
Inline notes and cross-references are now possible in Bible modules. The NASB Study Set has been updated to take advantage of this new functionality.

e-Sword version 9.6

You can now highlight and mark in commentaries and dictionaries!
Searching fixed for non-English user-created modules.

e-Sword version 9.5

A fully dockable user interface enables you to completely customize the layout in hundreds of different ways! Display what you want, where you want it by dragging the views into position with their titlebar.
Back by popular demand, the Bible Browser! The new dockable interface allows you to place it wherever you want, or not display it at all.

e-Sword version 9.0

This update uses a completely different database format for all resources. Everything is faster and more reliable as a result of this change. All add-on modules have been updated and will need to be reinstalled to use with this update. You can redownload purchased modules using the original information you were given when previously purchased. User files will be automatically updated to the new format provided you are installing this over an older version of e-Sword. Each file will be renamed with an ".old" file extension when the conversion is successful.
The Bible Search feature now allows the ability to perform case-sensitive searches.
The multi-row tabs are now locked in place, so no more moving targets!
A new Bible book browser has been implemented and is no longer docked to the side of the program. Press the F2 key to display the Lookup Scripture Reference dialog next to the mouse pointer wherever it is located, or access it from the main toolbar with the button next to the "Lookup" combobox.
Study Notes can be made on any verse in the Bible, now including the Orthodox Apocrypha and the Catholic Deuterocanon.
You can now Export the Study Notes and Topic Notes in HTML, Word DOC and Adobe PDF file formats, in addition to the previous plain text and Rich Text formats.
You can now Import both HTML and Word DOC files directly into the Study Notes and Topic Notes.
The Print Preview feature has been updated, and now all printing is performed through it.
Highlighting custom colors are now saved for use between sessions.
Localization of the e-Sword user interface continues with the implementation of fully Unicode compliant controls.

e-Sword version 8.0

The e-Sword user interface has been completely localized. The various menus and dialogs can be displayed in numerous languages, with the initial offering of Afrikaans, Czech, German, French, Slovak and Spanish. As the e-Sword GUI Localization will be an add-on module, this will be updated individually as new languages are added to it.
Scripture references are displayed using localized abbreviations, and popup ToolTips are converted according to the language in use.
A new Bible book browser has been implemented.
The Orthodox Apocrypha is now supported, in addition to the Catholic Deuterocanon. Both the Revised Standard Version and New Revised Standard Version add-ons now include an additional module with all of these Books.
Some of the text colors and window backgrounds can be customized. Select "Options, Text Colors" from the e-Sword menu to use this feature. This will also allow you to turn off red-letter formatting in Bibles if you so desire.

e-Sword version 7.9

User files are now stored under the Windows user's "Personal Folder" directory on 2000, XP, and Vista. Due to Windows permissions issues this change was necessary. This also makes backing-up user files easier as these files are isolated to this directory.
This version has a new Sermon Illustrations feature.
Stronger Strong's implementation throughout the program. Popup ToolTips now in commentaries, dictionaries, notes, etc.
Alternate dictionaries keyed to Strong's numbers can be selected for display in popup ToolTips. Select "Options, Strong's # ToolTip..." from the e-Sword menu. All dictionary modules tied to Strong's numbers have been updated to accommodate this new feature.
Multiple monitors fully supported.
Antialiasing algorithm available in Graphics Viewer. This provides a clearer display image when shrinking under 100%. Select "Options, Antialiasing" from the Graphics Viewer menu to toggle use.
Fixed some Vista display issues.

e-Sword version 7.8

This version has a new Gospel Harmony feature.
Additional Bible book abbreviations are recognized throughout the program such as Mt, Lk, Php, Jas, etc.
Added support for Japanese and Vietnamese modules.

e-Sword version 7.7

This version has a new Scripture Memory tool.
The Commentary verse notes can be browsed using the new toolbar buttons.
Maximized views are maintained at next start-up.
Ctrl+Shift+C will copy the currently selected Bible verses using the formatting defined in the Copy Verses dialog.
Many more enhancements you can discover on your own :-)

e-Sword version 7.6

OK, I repent, the little Bookmark tabs are back. It seems that some of the 2+ million users found a good use for them after all. They are now a display option and will need to be turned on if you want to use them. To display them check the "Display Bookmark Navigator" menu item under the "Options" menu.
Locked Topic Notes will display the Background Texture if that option is turned on.

e-Sword version 7.5

Topic Notes can be locked to prevent editing. All of the "Extras" have been updated to implement this feature.
The Bible Fonts can be customized for every language supported.
This is the first release where a feature has been removed. The little Bookmark tabs are no longer present. Their usefulness has long been superseded since version 1.0 when they were introduced. The VerseList capability has been updated to replace this functionality as it is better suited to accommodate both quantity and organization. Right-click on a verse to add it to the active VerseList.
Added support for Turkish modules.

e-Sword version 7.1

The Bible Reading and Daily Devotions windows can be resized.
A Background Texture can be turned on to ease eye strain.
Highlighting of Search Results can be turned off.
Added support for Arabic modules.

e-Sword version 7.0

This version has a new Bible Reading Plan feature.
The STEP Reader now has search capability. STEP libraries can also be read directly without the VOLUME.INI file.
The Parallel Bible has been greatly improved.
The Bible View can now be Split to allow viewing of distinct passages simultaneously.
The Commentary View and Dictionary View can now be unsynchronized for more studying flexibility.
The Search capability has been further refined.
Added support for Thai and Korean modules.

e-Sword version 6.5

This version has a new Prayer Requests feature.
The Study Notes editor is now separate of the Topic Notes editor.
A range of Study Notes can now be printed together.
Verse Lists can now be reordered in canonical order. Also, you can add a range of verses to a Verse List.
The STEP Reader now displays footnotes.

e-Sword version 6.0

This version has a new STEP Reader for viewing the various resources you may have invested in from QuickVerse, Bible Companion, and WORDsearch.
This version has a new Daily Devotions feature.
The Study Notes editor now implements Verse Notes, rather than Chapter Notes. Conversion of previous notes is automatic upon startup.
This version has new Extended Search features for the Commentaries and Dictionaries.
Graphics resources can now be printed full size, across multiple pages, if desired..
Improved language support by implementing Unicode fonts.
The Analyze Verses function can now include Strong's numbers.

e-Sword version 5.5

This version has a new Extended Search feature. Search through multiple translations at once. Also, you can extend searching capability by including synonyms.
This version has a new Analyze Verses feature. Determine word use counts for any selection of Scripture.
All Search dialogs are now modeless allowing them to remain open while working with the rest of the program.
The Copy Verses dialog has a new format, plus you can paste directly into your Study Notes from there.
The Spell Check can now be limited to any selected text, including a single word.
Each view now has a toolbar for accessing commonly used functionality.
The font can be customized for the popup ToolTips.
e-Sword can be setup to read its resources from another location, including a network path.

e-Sword version 5.0

This version has a new Parallel Bible feature. Create your own Parallel Bible with up to any four translations.
This version has a new menu section named Window, and four new toolbar buttons at the far right, that will allow you to maximize the different views for maximum viewing pleasure :-)
Added Option to set the Scripture ToolTips to any specific translation.
Updated Copy/Print Verses dialog to allow the inclusion of Commentary notes.
Enhanced Search function with 'hits' count.
Added 'Fit Page' scale to the Print Preview feature of the Graphics Viewer.
Added 'Book' to the Quick Search choices on the Bible popup menu.
Added support for Chinese and Russian modules.
Included Dictionary word lookup while in the Bible Compare mode.
Added the Information dialog to the Commentary and Dictionary menus.
Added support for future modules containing Strong's numbers and/or the Apocrypha.
Fixed Alt-Tab usage when dialogs were active.
Plus many more enhancements you can discover on your own :-)