Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the e-Sword premium module I previously purchased?

All you need to install your e-Sword module is to enter your Email address and "Product Key" you received when you purchased the module. If you do not have that information, just click on the "Recover Product Key" button on the dialog that prompts for this information.

How come I cannot download any resources, they are all colored red in the Downloader!

Updated to e-Sword 11.0 as these new resources are not compatible with any older versions of e-Sword.

Where do I find the Topic Notes I downloaded in version 10?

Topic Notes are now viewed within the new Reference Library. You can select this from the e-Sword "Tools" menu, or click on the far-right button on the main toolbar.

How do I add additional modules to e-Sword?

Use the Download menu from *within* e-Sword. Check out the "Download" demo on the Training page.

The e-Sword Downloader says it cannot connect to the Internet!

If you are on a home network, then run the "Internet Options" applet in Control Panel. Click on the "Connections" tab, then click on the "LAN Settings" button. ONLY "Automatically detect settings" should be checked.

If you are on a work network, then select "Options, Proxy Settings" from the Downloader menu and enter your network requirements. (Your IT department will have that information.)

If you are still experiencing trouble, then it sounds like either an Internet filter or firewall (e.g. ZoneAlarm, etc.) is blocking e-Sword from accessing its server. You can temporarily disable these and see if that helps, and if so then you can add an exception for e-Sword to their settings.

How do I delete a module I installed?

You can delete a resource by selecting "Options, Resource" from the e-Sword menu. Right-click over the resource you want to remove, then choose the "Delete" popup menu item. Confirm, and it is gone.

How do I change the layout in this version?

Check out the "Views" demo on the Training page.

What are those little scrolls to the right of the Bible view?

Those are Bookmarks. Right-click on one to set it to the currently active verse; left-click on one to go to its reference.

How can I move my e-Sword to a new computer?

Copy the e-Sword *program* directory (typically "C:\Program Files (x86)\e-Sword\") onto the new PC as this will get your various modules transferred. You will still need to install e-Sword from its setup program to properly install the various system files, etc.

Also, you will want to copy the contents of your e-Sword *user* directory (typically "Libraries\Documents\My Documents\e-Sword\") to get your personal notes and other customizations transferred.