e‑Sword LT

the Sword of the LORD
with an electronic edge

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the iPhone copy of the e-Sword premium module I previously purchased?

All you need to install your e-Sword LT module at no additional cost is to enter your Email address and "Product Key" you received when you purchased the module for use with e-Sword. If you do not have that information, just tap on the "Recover Product Key" button on the popover that prompts for this information.

Do I need to be "online" to use e-Sword LT?

No. E-Sword LT is an "offline" app. An Internet connection is only needed for downloading the app itself, and any additional modules you wish to install.

Will e-Sword LT work on any iPhone model?

Yes. We tested on all iPhone models running at least iOS 5.1 which is available for all generations of iPhones.

Will e-Sword LT work on an iPod?

Yes, but only the iPod Touch running at least iOS 5.1 which is available for 4th and 5th generations of the iPod Touch.