e‑Sword LT

the Sword of the LORD
with an electronic edge

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the iPhone copy of the e-Sword premium module I previously purchased?

All you need to install your e-Sword LT module at no additional cost is to enter your Email address and "Product Key" you received when you purchased the module for use with e-Sword. If you do not have that information, just visit us on the Contact page and let us know which module(s) you purchased. We will then email you instructions on retrieving this information.

Do I need to be "online" to use e-Sword LT?

No. E-Sword LT is an "offline" app. An Internet connection is only needed for downloading the app itself, and any additional modules you wish to install.

Will e-Sword LT work on any iPhone model?

Yes. We tested on all iPhone models running at least iOS 5.1 which is available for all generations of iPhones.

Will e-Sword LT work on an iPod?

Yes, but only the iPod Touch running at least iOS 5.1 which is available for 4th and 5th generations of the iPod Touch.